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American MSM should ask American evangelicals why they are funding hate in India

New York Times and Washington Post published some pieces on conversions recently. If you did not look at the URLs, you would think these are from missionary propaganda sites like ucanews, Compare the pieces from a missionary propaganda website and Washington Post. See how amazingly similar the reporting is. Or New York Times report by Gardiner Harris. Or this New York Times editorial.

Lies and missionary propaganda

At the outset itself, Annie Gowen writes about the Asroi incident:
The trouble started a few months ago, when Hindu nationalists swept into a small village where several families had converted to Christianity more than a decade earlier. They held a fire purification ceremony with the villagers, tore a cross off the local church and put up a poster of the god Shiva. The space was now a temple, they declared.
The Adventist church itself published a report saying the re-conversions were not forced. Maybe Annie should go and see how her fellow Americans picture and publish proudly "crushing and burning of the false gods of Hinduism."

Annie Gowen writes:
Then right-wing Hindu groups announced a Christmas Day ceremony where they planned to welcome hundreds of Christians and Muslims into Hinduism.
Annie seems to be not aware of what Christian missionaries do during Christmas season. Christian missionaries convert others during Christmas season. In fact, Christmas season is huge for fund-raising and conversions. The evangelist Ravi Zacharias says "Christmas season presents tremendous opportunity for evangelistic outreach in India." You can see some more examples in this post and you can see how Christian missionaries hate even Hindus celebrating Hindu festivals!

Gardiner Harris in New York Times reports:
Visas for religious professionals are strictly limited
American missionaries lie and "visit" India on tourist visas. Thousands of American missionaries "visit" India every year. Read the section "foreign missionaries" in this post. Gardiner Harris is just peddling nonsense like John Dayal does. Annie Gowen quotes John Dayal in her piece. Why does John Dayal figure in so many places? Because that's his job. Organizations with which John Dayal is involved get money from foreign missionary organizations like Voice of Martyrs, Christian Solidarity Worldwide etc., Peddling bogus missionary persecution is his job.

Both Washington Post and New York Times piece quote the Delhi church incident. They do not provide any evidence. Who did it? So if something happens to a Hindu temple, should Hindus accuse Christian organizations without providing any evidence?

NYT editorial says Dalits convert to Christianity and Islam to escape caste oppression. "Dalit" Christians are petitioning Vatican that  they are being discriminated.

Gardiner Harris uses the phrase "en masse" for Gharwapsi of 200 people. What phrase has to be used for numbers like this or this*? There are thousands of evangelical organizations like these in India.

NYT and WaPo are reporting like missionary propaganda sites do. Contrary to what missionaries(or NYT and WaPo in this case) would like you to believe, Christians get preferential treatment in India.


Christians and Muslims get preferential treatment in India but not in USA

USA is a truly secular country. Christians in USA often fight for rights to discriminate others but are rightly denied by courts. But Christians (and other minorities) in India get special treatment because  of how Article 29 and 30 of Indian Constitution are interpreted. Let us take the public-funded St.Stephens College reserving seats for Christians. Such a provision is not there for Hindus. Or take the Right to Education law. Christian and other minority-run schools get exemptions from this law but not Hindu-run schools. Government controls Hindu temples but Churches and Mosques function autonomously. Such preferential treatment to Christians or any other group is unimaginable in USA.


Funding  of hate by American evangelicals

Annie Gowen writes about how a Hindu group wants to re-convert Christians and Muslims.
He said his group’s ultimate aim is to ensure that Islam and Christianity “cease to exist” in India.
Christian missionaries - both foreign and Indian - say they want to see India as a Christian nation. They want to bring "light" to the "darkness" of India. The Great Commission. Massive profiling of  "unreached" "people groups" has been done by Americans so that each "people group" can be targeted easily. Even their terminology is of colonial conquerors. USA is the largest contributor to evangelical NGOs in India according to FCRA returns. There are a lot of organizations which send millions of dollars each year. They do massive conversions. They are creating Hindu-hating people in India. Watch a couple of videos in this channel. Indian converts are addressing their American sponsors as "brothers in Christ" but call neighbor Hindus as heathens with devil mentality. When these Indian soul vendors visit their sponsors in America, they explain how they are targeting different "people groups". Why are American evangelicals funding this hate? Because evangelicals hate Hindus and anything related to Hindus. They want to harvest every soul. From foot-soldier missionaries to CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, American evangelicals support conversions in India.

Let us take the current Power To Change India(change here means conversion) campaign going on in Bengaluru now.It is funded by Dallas-based East West Ministries. CEO of JCPenney is on its board of directors. You can see President George Bush at a dinner event. Americans are deeply involved in conversions in India. 


Instead of spreading missionary propaganda and lecturing Indian govt, New York Times and Washington Post should ask why Americans are funding hate and conversions in India? Propaganda of WaPo and NYT don't seem to be any different from this predatory pastor from Texas.

NYT and WaPo are just echoing the sentiments of this missionary. They want to convert all for the Great Commission but cry persecution when it comes to Gharwapsi. The missionary persecution complex.

*Use an anonymizer when accessing missionary website links. Some missionary websites block Indian IPs. They work in India but don't want Indians to see their websites!

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What do Christian missionaries do during Christmas season?

Currently there is a discussion going on about Gharwapsi in Aligarh being planned by Dharam Jagran Samiti. This report says Dharam Jagran Samiti is seeking donations to organize Gharwapsi of Christians and Muslims. The missionary persecution industry is swinging into full action aided by Indian MSM. The Times of India report also mentions the previous Gharwapsi done in Asroi. The Adventist church itself reported there was no force in the re-conversions. Further, the Adventist church says that church had only had a maximum number of 33 numbers while Times of India reports the number of people re-converted as 72. Of course even the church's internal report does not stop MSM or "Community leader Vincent Joel" peddling fake victim-hood. Also calling Christianity samasya is problematic but calling Hindus heathens, people with devil mentality, condemning/threatening "idol worshipers" is fine.

Let us focus on the missionary part in this post. 

Every occasion is an opportunity to spread gospel and convert

For Christian missionaries, every occasion is an opportunity to share gospel and convert. It could be a wedding. It could be father's funeral. It could be tsunami. It could even be the current horrific situation in Iraq. Festivals also present "opportunities".

Hindu festivals

Shalini Manohar, COO of RZIM India and Ruth Malhotra of RZIM feel sad because Hindus are celebrating Diwali. Ruth Malhotra even takes Christian students in USA to a Hindu temple to show  'dark' 'objects of worship'. There are websites which tell how to "pray" for Hindus during Hindu festivals. Missionaries don't want you celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi. They "pray" for some of the sacred Hindu rituals to disappear. They don't even leave Tirumala Brahmotsavam. There are lots of examples for this. Let us see what they do during Christmas season.


Gospel outreach during Christmas season

Veenu Sandhu, Dillip Satapathy and Krishna Das write in Business Standard:
Already apprehensive, the community has been further alarmed by recent reports that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, plans to convert at least 4,000 Christian families, on Christmas no less, as part of what it terms as the ghar wapsi (returning home) programme to be held in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.
Prashant Jha also writes in Hindustan Times focusing on why Dharam Jagran Samiti chose Christmas, an auspicious day for Christians.

They seem to be surprised that this is being planned for Christmas. They seem to be not aware (or pretending to be not aware) what Christian missionaries themselves do during Christmas season.

For missionaries, Christmas season is not just for celebration but actively preaching gospel to non-Christians and convert them. This is true for slick missionaries running multi-million dollar organizations as well as the foot soldier missionaries.

1. Let us take the slick evangelist Ravi Zacharias who runs USA-based RZIM. RZIM is a multimillion dollar org working in many countries including India. It sends money to its Indian franchise and other missionary organizations via FCRA. Ravi Zacharias spoke on Dec 6th in Hyderabad.
The event is titled, “Christmas: Loud & Clear,” and it has been structured in way that enables Christians to bring their unbelieving friends and colleagues. “The Christmas season presents tremendous opportunities for evangelistic outreach in India,” said one of the organizers.
You see Christmas season is not just about celebrating Christmas but "evangelistic outreach".

2. Let us have a look at USA-based Gospel for Asia(GFA) (To access GFA links from Indian IP addresses, use an anonymizer.) which sends close to 300 Crores per year to India for conversions. It has a gift catalog for Christmas. See this page 'Sharing Christ at Christmas'. What did GFA missionaries do during Christmas 2012?
Each year during the weeks leading up to Christmas, missionaries, Bridge of Hope workers and office staff fan out and share the Good News about the Savior who was born in a stable. In one area, staff and missionaries visited a hospital and sang Christmas carols for the patients, doctors and nurses. This same group also sang carols and prayed for the people at a local military base, where they had sung and handed out Gospel tracts the year before.
 According to one GFA missionary:
Christmas becomes real when we are truly able to express the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others
Yeah, it becomes real when you share the Gospel with others i.e, non-Christians. Simply celebrating with your friends and family won't cut it.

3. Let us take this outreach during Christmas of 2010
local church leaders decided to hold Christmas campaigns in three areas of the city. “First, 150 people came. [The] second day, more than 200 people came, and the third day, almost 500 people. So, we see hundreds are responding to the Gospel and giving their lives to Jesus.” - See more at:
local church leaders decided to hold Christmas campaigns in three areas of the city. “First, 150 people came. [The] second day, more than 200 people came, and the third day, almost 500 people. So, we see hundreds are responding to the Gospel and giving their lives to Jesus.”
local church leaders decided to hold Christmas campaigns in three areas of the city. “First, 150 people came. [The] second day, more than 200 people came, and the third day, almost 500 people. So, we see hundreds are responding to the Gospel and giving their lives to Jesus.” - See more at:
4. Let us take this outreach during Christmas season of 2012.
Just received some Photos from our ministry partner in New Delhi showing the turn out to a Christmas event they just held in hopes of evangelizing to an unsaved community.
Of course evangelizing with funds from foreign countries.

5. Let us take this year. A pastor from Jharkand wrote to his foreign clients:
I am grateful to you for your financial help and for your valuable prayers. Next month is a very important month when the whole world will celebrate Christmas. On that beautiful occasion, we call many poor people of our locality (about 250) and tell them why Christ had to come to this world, what that means to us, and then we explain to them how they can experience salvation through Christ.
These are just a few examples. Christian conversion is a multi-billion dollar industry. You can see more examples of gospel outreach during Christimas: here, here. A simple Google search will give you lots of examples. 



Christian missionaries feel sad when Hindus celebrate Hindu festivals and don't even leave their most sacred temples. They preach and convert during Christmas and other festivals. If one is worried about Christians coming back to Hinduism during Christmas, why is it ok for Christians to convert others during the same season (and throughout the year)? Of course, it is not about Christmas. It is Hinduphobia that makes English language media in India ignore the missionary menace. Asking for donations in India is a problem but not video messages for donations by Indian missionaries to their foreign masters? Calling Christianity 'samasya' is problematic but missionaries calling Hindus devils, heathen, condemning "idol worshipers" is fine. 

(Thanks to sighbaboo for the info on Adventist church story.)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Latest lies of John Dayal and Missionary Propaganda Machinery

John Dayal, General Secretary of All India Christian Council(AICC), frequently does propaganda to create panic among foreign missionaries. His articles frequently appear on, which calls itself 'Asia's most trusted Catholic independent new source'. He is frequently quoted in missionary outlets like Christianity Today, AICC receives foreign funding via FCRA. There are other organizations with which John Dayal is involved which receive foreign funding. Please read this post to see the foreign funding of these organizations. 

This is not the first time John Dayal is lying.  Let us examine his latest lies. On October 16, 2014, ucanews published an article by John Dayal.

Foreign Missionaries

At the outset itself, John Dayal says this
A recent outpouring of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development agenda by several Catholic and Protestant leaders is not likely to reduce the deep and seemingly abiding distrust the Indian political and social system holds toward what are popularly known as the "missionaries".
"Popularly known as"? See the quotes around the word missionaries. If they are not missionaries, what are they? Christian missionaries themselves use the word. I am not sure what John Dayal is trying to say.

Next he gives some numbers about foreign missionaries
 In 1993, India had 1,923 registered foreign missionaries. By 2001, the number was 1,100. No official data exists for 2013-14, but estimates vary from 200 to 500. Most have lived in India for periods ranging from 20 years to 60 years.

This is far removed from the image that the Sangh Parivar and the government paints of a land teeming with Western missionaries. But since the 1960s, it has been impossible for any priest or nun to obtain a religious visa to India, and many who come on tourist visas have to sign papers at Indian consulates that they will not indulge in religious activity.

He is trying to mislead. He is giving number of foreigners living permanently in India. Who is  talking about them? Has anyone seen any govt report talking of a"a land teeming with Western missionaries"? Thousands of foreigners "visit" India each year. They call it by different names like mission trips, outreach programs, pastor conferences etc., As you are reading this, there must be foreigners in India on these mission trips. Just do a search on social media with these words "mission trip India".

The second thing he is trying to mislead is on visas. India gives missionary visas and tourist visas. Most missionaries come on tourist visas. Missionaries have figured out how to lie in visa applications. In fact, I asked some missionaries on twitter on what visas they are visiting India. Most never respond. One guy confirmed he is traveling on a tourist visa but when I asked whether he knew it was illegal to do missionary activity on a tourist visa. He did not respond. To see how many missionaries coming to India, check the albums here, check here, check here. These missionaries include pastors, church planters, Bible college students etc., If foreigners are not getting visas, how are they "visiting" India and doing all the missionary stuff including miracles?

Ban on freedom of faith

John Dayal says
The absolute ban on freedom of faith of these people, who constitute 16 to 20 percent of the population, was ostensibly to prevent conversion to Christianity or Islam. 
What is he talking about? Reservations for Christians/Muslims. How does not giving reservations to Christians is an "absolute ban on freedom of faith."?

Love Jihad - Christians?

On Love Jihad, John Dayal says
This[Love Jihad] is a campaign to evoke the fear in highly patriarchal feudal societies in rural India that young Muslim and Christian men are threatening the security and sexual purity of their women.
Whether Love Jihad is real or not, political or not, let us assume, for the sake of discussion, it is a campaign against a certain section of people. But who is accusing Christians of Love Jihad? This is John Dayal's routine missionary trick. Take some issue and just slip in Christians as victims. Check this piece from FirstPost.

Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) said 2600 Christian girls also had been converted since 2006, making it a appear like a challenge faced by both Christians and Hindus.

The Global Council of Indian Christians charged that it was part of a “global Islamisation project”, and wanted Christians to be cautious.

Christians - Kerala Catholic Bishop Council, no less - complained that Christian girls were being converted to Islam. 

In fact, Christian news outlet Christian Post also reported on Christians complaining about Christian girls being lured and converted to Islam.

So why is John Dayal lying? For more foreign funds?


Why do Indians have to care?

You might ask how it matters if a foreign-funded Indian missionary publishes some lies in a news outlet intended for foreign audience. The intended audience does not or does not want to check facts. It matters because John Dayal is not a fringe guy. He testified before US Congress. Read his full statement. The usual missionary stuff. His designation is shown as Member, National Integration Council, Govt. of India. India must be the only country in the world which allows someone representing the govt to slander its own country at the hearing of a foreign legislative body. That is a well-known story. 

The thing about the latest lies is a Jesuit priest and member of USCIRF tweeted John Dayal's story. When I asked the priest why he is retweeting the lies of John Dayal (I provided a storify link with links to stories which tell you about John Daya's lies with just a glance.) The priest never responded. At the risk of boring the readers of this blog, I repeat: honesty is not a priority for missionaries. He is a member of USCIRF. This is a US govt agency which produces reports on International Religious Freedom. In reality, it is a Christian missionary propaganda agency, albeit funded by American taxpayers' money. See its missionary connections. Also Katrina Lantos Swett, who testified along with John Dayal against India, is the current chair of USCIRF. Read this blog how USCIRF deliberately lied about India in its annual reports. Where do foreign govt agencies get their reports on persecution in India? You know who. The lies are slowly picked up by other agencies and become mainstream.

Bogus Persecution Narrative

Building persecution narrative is a key activity in the Christian conversion industry. The standard narrative is Christians are being persecuted for their faith. In the case of India, people like John Dayal build narratives that Hindus are persecuting Christians for their faith and get foreign funds via FCRA. Christian missionaries openly insult and denounce Hindus/Hinduism. Watch this video for an example. Or see how this foreign missionary, who preyed on kids, cried victim-hood because people asked him questions on twitter. Read these two posts about language used by missionaries for Hindus. They insult, denounce Hindus/Hinduism and spread hatred and in turn cry persecution!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fundamentalism, Hatred and Aggression - a trip by YWAM Orlando group

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a massive missionary organization started in USA and now spans across continents. It has huge presence in India also. YWAM trains young missionaries like the Bible School in the previous post. They have Discipleship Training School(DTS) and offer "courses" in Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter. The trained missionaries go out in the world and do conversions. Every year a lot of Americans come to India on mission trips from different branches of YWAM USA(Though they use the word 'outreach', it is the same as a mission trip). India is a hot destination for missionaries. This is the pattern for a lot of young missionaries: "Graduate" from a Bible School like YWAM, raise funds for travel, come to India, preach gospel and convert in a deceptive way(morally and legally), spread hatred that Hinduism is a false religion, express solidarity with Indian missionaries(who get funds from countries like USA), go to USA and brag about how many accepted Christ. They are called heroes by friends and relatives..

A group from DTS Fall program, YWAM Orlando  came to India on a mission trip early this year. The group comprised Joshua Miller, Hannah Willis, Courtney Hellman, Courtney Ryan, Maryrose Herr, Whitney Biggers, Hannah Kay, Emma Farr, Anna Slim, Ally Summers and Kristine Ranie (Kristine is American of Indian heritage.) They preached gospel and did conversions in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

Hosts in India

Mahesh Nathan who works for World Vision India and his wife Beena Nathan hosted this group in West Bengal and were "taught so much". I am not sure what they were "taught". There were hosted by others also. In Tamil Nadu, they were hosted by Chandra Bose Govindan who works for YWAM. 

I explored onsite-offshore model of missionary organizations here. Many foreign missionary organizations have their own subsidiaries like Gospel for Asia, World Vision or YWAM. And they partner with other missionary NGOs and churches locally. Their reach, influence, network and PR management would put MNCs to shame. Also World Vision works as a liaison in many govt programs in India. If a foreign missionary wants to to come to India and see the conversions for himself/herself, there is no dearth of Indian hosts.

Prayer Walk at temples

Joshua Miller posted on Facebook in Feb 2014, "we will be doing prayer walks at the local temples". Here is his "prayer walk". Here is his team visiting Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. See the hatred for yourself. 
The guy does not even have the heart to appreciate the beautiful artwork in the temple (See how he pauses before saying "exciting"). It does not matter whether a Christian fundamentalist appreciates art or not. See how he is condemning Hinduism and Hindus. As I repeat so many times, this hatred is a key thing in conversions in India. They spread this hate. This is the key. 

Here is Joshua Miller and team doing another "prayer walk" at a temple in Durgapur, West Bengal.

Visiting a village and praying Christian songs with school kids

The team also a visited a village. In this video, Joshua Miller claims they were not allowed to do missionary activity in this village but they went anyway. They went to the village school and sang Christian songs with the school kids.
So when you are a "tourist" in a country and the hosts specifically say they do not want to be converted, why can't you leave them alone?

Aggression, Hatred, Denouncing other religions

Aggression, spewing venom is common in missionary activities. The focus of this post is YWAM. This aggression shown by Joshua Miller team is not a one-off case. This is the norm. See what Jason Nettles from YWAM Orlando did last year. Here is Elisa Dawson, from YWAM Orlando, after serving a crippled person, on how she converted him using a Hindu translator. You must watch this. To convert, you have to denounce Hinduism and "cast away other gods"
Here is another YWAM team preaching near Buddha Stupa, Nepal and wanted to preach inside Swayambhu Temple but did not do it to avoid attention.


A lot of young people, often without proper education, go to Bible schools, Discipleship programs in USA, UK etc., and come to India to convert people by applying what they learn in their "courses". As you are reading this, there are a lot of YWAM groups raising funds for India trips. Their hatred and fundamentalism is astounding. If you try to raise objections to their hatred, they cry persecution, they say their religious freedom is being violated. Damning other people's religions, traditions and spreading this hatred is their definition of religious freedom. They will not rest until the whole world is converted. They get very good support from Indian evangelical NGOs which are in turn massively funded by foreigners. Mahesh Nathan of World Vision hosted Joshua Miller's team and "taught" stuff. When Joshua Miller posted about the re-conversion of some tribal people to Hinduism, Mahesh Nathan says "Discipleship". Yeah right, we need discipleship like it is demonstrated above. Here is Beena Nathan's comment on Joshua Miller's video, though there is no commentary by Joshua Miller on the video Beena Nathan commented. Of course, Joshua Miller is planning to travel again to India and Mahesh Nathan is eager is to welcome him.

More importantly there are a lot of discipleship schools like YWAM in India, most of which have sprung up in the last decade. Many of them are run by foreigners themselves. Bible Colleges run by Indians are funded by foreigners. See this video and the guy gives the numbers in dollars to foreign clients. Many evangelical NGOs like Harvest India run Bible Colleges. Graduates of these Bible Colleges  become pastors, church planters etc., Fundamentalism that non-Christian religions are false and other traditions are false lead to nothing but hate. These colleges work as hate-factories. We will see about these Indian Bible Colleges in a future post.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mission Trip - an example of the predatory activity

Gospel Grace Mission is based in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. It regularly receives foreign funding according to Govt. of India. This organization is in the usual onsite-offshore model of Christian conversion business. Pastor Morris Paul of this offshore organization hosted some American Missionaries recently. Slavic Missionary Bible School(SMBS) is based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. SMBS offers a five-month "course". After "graduating" from the "course", Andrey Mikhov, Elina Sushchik, Elena Parhomchuk, Angelina Gorkovchenko, Alina Borishkevich, Sergey Cherneychuk and Joseph Titenok from SMBS came to Bengaluru in July 2014. As you can see from their last names, all of them have Slavic roots. The Indian pastor Morris Paul's wife is Oksana Arthur Paul. You don't need to try hard to find out the connections between the foreign clients and Indian vendors but that is not the point of this post. We will see what the American/Slavic missionaries did in this mission trip and we will see who the "lab rats" were on whom they applied what they learned in the "course".

We are not converting, we are just preaching the Gospel

On July 16, 2014,  Joseph Titenok from the SMBS team posted this on twitter

When people asked him what damage he was doing, he said it was just slang and deleted the tweet. I asked him whether he was in India to convert people and whether he was anxious about other religions. Importantly I asked whether he was targeting kids. 
 He did not answer about kids. He said he was concentrating only on 900 people. He said he was not converting but just offering gospel and people come and take as they please. This is the standard missionary lie. I repeat on this blog many times: Honesty is not a priority for Christian missionaries.

Teaching Bible to kids from Hindu and Muslim families 

On July 8, 2014, SMBS Team posted this on their facebook page :

We have been given an amazing opportunity to go into one public school and spend two hours a day and two days a week with the children. The children are all from Muslim and Hindu families. We met with the principal who started the school and is a Christian. We introduced ourselves today, shared a short word and sang with them.

They got access to the school because the principal was a Christian. What did they share with the children? Some Creationist and other stories from Bible. This is during regular school hours. Watch the video:

This is just a brief video.They claimed they spent hours and hours with these children. What else did they teach the kids? Teaching Creationism in highly controversial in USA and these guys here have a free pass in India. Did they even take permission from parents of the kids?

Not just these kids, they preached gospel, taught Creationism to some other kids not affiliated to any church. 

Elina Sushchik from the group wrote on her Facebook page on July 11, 2014:

Thursday and Friday afternoon we went to a local school filled with 600 students and had the opportunity to teach and witness to them!

Ha! Witness to kids.

So little kids are making the decisions as they please and accepting Jesus as the only true God, like Joseph Titenok claimed above?

Bogus persecution narrative

Now it is clear that these missionaries preyed upon innocent kids in this trip and preached a lot of stuff. Also Elina Sushchik says 

       I'm astonished at how friendly and open all the people are.

When someone questioned Joseph Titenok's dogma and doubted his intentions, he asked " why Christianity is most hated" and said "he could get killed."

 This bogus persecution narrative is a big weapon in Christian conversions. Such fake narratives are built and fake victim-hood stories are peddled to further missionary agendas. Let us see some violations by Joseph Titenok:
1)Doing missionary activities on a tourist visa - illegal

2)Preying upon little kids - need we say anything? Was there consent from the parents of the kids?

3)Teaching Creationism in a school - This is not even permitted in most public schools in the US.

As of August 31, the guy is still in India. Is there any country in the world, apart from India, which  gives such freedom to the missionary predators? Simply questioning his dogma and motives makes him think of himself as a victim, as a martyr. Like I mentioned in the previous post on mission trips, these missionaries go back to USA and peddle fake persecution stories.

So the missionary does not want to to be questioned. He even preys upon little kids but does not want anyone to question him. What is the definition of freedom for this fake victim?



The readers of this blog might get bored but I repeat this again and again in this blog because this needs to be repeated: Lies, deceit, propaganda, illegal activities, peddling fake victim-hood stories, hating other religions, spreading this hatred - this is the core of missionary activity. The foreign missionaries - clients of Indian evangelical NGOs -  come and go as they please. They prey upon innocent people, primarily children. Targeting children is the norm. The reason for targeting children is explained by another missionary. Peddling dogma is a one-way street. Anyone questioning them is simply infringing on their God-given right to convert other people. They are not open to dialogue. Try interacting with missionaries(If you want to interact with them, I will provide a ton of missionary Twitter handles.) Even though Joseph Titenok responded initially, he protected his tweets now. Usually after completing a mission trip, these foreign missionaries gloat on social media or during Sunday church service how many people were taught gospel and how many came to Christ i.e, how many were converted during their mission trip. You would see other evangelical Christians in USA praising these missionaries for braving to go to a third-world country and preaching gospel. Yeah, preying upon children or preaching gospel in a remote country is their great adventure. As the mission trip discussed above concluded recently, we might see blogs about their "success" in future. Elina Sushchik mentioned about preaching to 600 school children and Joseph Titenok mentioned the number 900. It is all about numbers in the conversion business.

Note: Thanks to sighbaboo for pointing out about this mission trip to Bengaluru. Follow his excellent Twitter handle if you are interested in Christian conversions in India.